Dr Sandra Moe will be AWAY on the following days.

12 October 2017 (Thursday) – Dr Raj will be working from 8am to 5pm

23 October 2017 (Monday) – Dr Raj will be working from 8am to 5pm

1 November 2017 (Wednesday)The clinic will be close too.

Dr Sandra Moe’s working hours –

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: 10am to 6pm

Friday: OFF

Every Saturday: 9am to 1pm

Dr Raj’s working hours –

Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday : 8am to 5pm

Wednesday-Saturday: OFF

Dr Raj will accept work cover only for his regular patients, and work cover payment need to pay as UPFRONT according to AMA guide.

Allied Health Services (Podiatrist, Dietician, Physiotherapist) are BULK BILLED for EPC patients.

Anti-wrinkle Injection and Dermal Filler are available NOW.

Services will be provided by Dr Sandra Moe. Free first consultation.

Why not book an appointment with Dr Sandra Moe now and discuss options and discounts?

*Check the prices on Aesthetic Services Page.

ZOSTAVZX is now available !!!

Zostavax (Shingle vaccine) is now available in our Practice.

Free to all people between 70-79 years and vaccines are supplied in maximum of 10 vaccines per order from NSW Vaccine Centre. Get a jab right now.